Office/setup – Microsoft Office is world-renowned suite available for both personal and professional use. If you are one of Microsoft Office users then you would have an idea about the great services provided by them. Furthermore, it one of the oldest and still thriving suites in the market.

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Here we are going to discuss the various Office products and their different features. In addition, we will get to know about the process to download the Microsoft Office. Later On, we will talk about the installation and activation steps, and the importance of these steps. If you wish to read blogs related to Microsoft Office then visit the link and read more.

Microsoft Office Product Key - Product Key

You can visit the official website of the Office and check out their different products and download the one that suits your daily needs. The Office has standalone applications and packages available for users to purchase. No matter what Office setup product or service you purchase, for every new license you will get a product key. This product key is very important for your Office subscription. These are some of the salient features of the Microsoft Office Product Key.
  • The Product Key is a 25 character alphanumeric unique code.
  • This Product Key is used to redeem and activate the Office license on your desired device.
  • The Product key is unique for every office product and helps you to maintain the authenticity of the product.
  • Once you complete the purchase of your desired product, you get this product either in an email (in case of an online purchase) or printed on your retail card (in case of an offline purchase).

If you wish to know more about the Office product key then visit the or call the toll-free number for Microsoft Office Support.

MS Office Setup Download

After you made the purchase of your desired office product and get hold of the product key, you can start with the steps to download the Office on your device. Start with these steps listed below.

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  • Tune on the device and establish a secure internet connection.
  • Install updates if any available on your device and then close all other application.
  • Open a web browser of your choice and type in the URL section of the Browser.
  • Now you will be asked to Sign in to your Microsoft Account. Enter your Sign in credentials such as email address and password. Otherwise, create a new Office Account.
  • Once you successfully Sign In to your Microsoft Office Account, you will be prompted to enter the Product Key.
  • Type your Product key in the given blank and hit the enter key.
  • After reviewing your product key, you will be presented with the details of your product.
  • Click on the install button adjacent to the details of the Office product.
  • An automatic download will start on your device. Wait for it to finish.

After the completion of the download, you will have on your device. All need to do next to use the Office application is to install the setup files. In case, you faced any issue while performing the above steps then restart your device and start afresh. If the problem persists then call the Office Support for assistance.

Office Support

After the completion of the download, you will have on your device. All need to do next to use the Office application is to install the setup files. In case, you faced any issue while performing the above steps then restart your device and start afresh. If the problem persists then call the Office Support for assistance.

Install and Activate Microsoft Office – www office com setup

In the above steps, we have downloaded the Office Setup files on the device. The next step is to install Office using the Office setup files and activate the subscription using the product key.

  • Navigate to the Office Setup files, downloaded in above steps.
  • Double-click on Office Setup files and wait for Microsoft Office Installer Wizard to start on your device.
  • The device may ask for administrator permission, click Continue to give the permission to the Wizard.
  • Then choose your language and country in the installer.
  • In the next steps, agree to the term and condition of the Microsoft Office and continue installation.
  • Now simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • Once the installation is finished, close the Installer Wizard.

You have successfully completed the installation. To be able to use the Office on your device with all the features, you must activate the license in 30 days. For activation, follow these easy steps.

  • Open any office application on your computer such as Word.
  • The Microsoft Office Activation Wizard will appear and ask you to activate the license.
  • Click on the Activate Button then you will be prompted to enter the product key.
  • Type the product key and hit the enter key.
  • After finishing this step, you will be able to use the Microsoft Office on your device.

You will need an active internet connection for all the above steps. Also, do check the system requirements of the products you have purchased. And for more details visit office support.

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Office Support -

Any user can face errors while downloading, installing, and activating the Microsoft office on their device. We recommend you to read these steps carefully before starting the process. Moreover, visit the office setup for details of your product and check the system requirements carefully. Here you can get details related to:

  • Microsoft Office Products (standalone and packages)
  • System Requirements for the Office
  • Information regarding the Office Product Key
  • Steps to create a Microsoft Office Account
  • Benefits of having an Outlook Account
  • Latest product Office 365 and its benefits
  • And Microsoft Office Support

You can also call at the toll-free number and talk to a technician about the query or issue you have. Our Office Support number is 24/7 available and you can call anytime you face an issue. We provide Support for various Microsoft Office products and services. Our on-call experts will also you provide you with troubleshooting steps to avoid any similar issue in the future. So, do not put your subscription in any kind of risk and call now for Microsoft Office Support. Read our similar blogs by visiting